What is your favorite flower?

We would love to know what flower does it for you!!

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If you are getting married….

If you are the one getting married….

Why are your parents calling the shot?

Shouldn’t you have a say-so in the planning?

Will your parents also tell you where to live and how many kids you should have and what job you should take?


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Getting Married is like Buying a New Car….

Getting married is like buying a new car.

Both give you that warm fuzzy feeling.  Both are a big committment.

And both are pretty damn expensive!

However, when money is tight, or you just got laid off, or you’re trying to buy a home, or your pregnant….you might have to wait to buy that new car right?

Well, the same applies with a wedding. Okay okay, you love her/him! That’s great!  But if money is tight, WAIT!

That’s right right…wait till you have the money to do it right!

Too many couples just have to get married and too many do it “half-ass”.

Cutting corners here and there to the point of turning it into a 4th of July backyard party.

That’s fine if you have always dreamed of a backyard low budget wedding.

However there are too many couples out there having there reception at a nice venue and cutting way back on everything else. Which is basically inviting your guests to the Ritz and serving them tater tots and chicken fingers listening to your brothers boom box for entertainment and using disposable cameras instead of a photographer.

Yes, getting married is like buying a car.  Would you buy a brand new pickup and tell the dealer to cut out the engine and tires because you are on a tight budget?

Same applies with  a wedding. Do it right, or wait!!

Tony is a professional DJ who coaches, educates and entertains brides and grooms.


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“Can We See You At A Wedding Performing?”

Many brides and grooms want to know if they can come to a wedding I am performing at to see me in action. My answer is emphatically….No!

Why not? You may ask.  I suppose it would be okay to watch a wedding DJ in action if….he is the spoon-fed, in-house DJ who does the same thing at every wedding.

For those of us who take pride in customizing, personlizing and crafting unique weddings…the answer should always be, “respectively no”.

Brides have so many different tastes and personalities.

The last thing you want as a DJ is to have a potential client see you doing something at a wedding that completely turns her off.

Even though you explain to every bride that you will do exactly what they desire, it does no one justice to see you with another bride.

No woman wants to see her man with another woman (even if it’s her DJ)

So I decided to add a short video on my website of me at several weddings performing.  And still I get some who absolutely love what I do and some who are turned off. Even though I explain to them that I can do whatever they want, they see me in action and will immediately decide yay or nay.

Tony Laub is a professional DJ who specializes in Weddings


Tony wrote a 98 page guide on how to plan your own wedding


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Getting Married?

Congrats on your engagement!


Now comes the planning………………..

Don’t stress, because you have a friend in the wedding industry!

The Exclusive Wedding Guide is your “wedding manual”.

A comprehensive, step-by-step book that will guide you through the whole wedding planning process.

visit www.ExclusiveWeddingGuide.com for more info.

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Getting Ready For The Bridal Fair

If you plan on attending a Bridal Fair, don’t think you are just going to show up and walk around.  Take the time to prepare for what could be the most important step in planning for your wedding (and it’s success).

Most brides I observe at bridal fairs walk around in a stae of shock, looking like zombies. Know why? Information overload.  They never knew what hit ’em!

There is so much you can get out of a bridal fair if you have a game plan.

Visit this website for free info http://www.sos4weddings.com/Expo.html

There you will discover secrets that other brides and grooms at the bridal fair will watch you in action with their mouths open in shock!


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Hire Professionals

Hire professional vendors who are “Owner/Operators”


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Now Is The Time To Plan Your Wedding…even if it’s 2 years away!

Hey Ladies, It’s never too early to plan your wedding. I know I don’t have to tell you that.

But there are things you need to know if you want to do it right and save time and money in the process.

STEP #1…Attend a Wedding Expo (a wealth of ideas and information)

STEP#2…Collect as much info as possible (internet, magazines, books or…….

If you don’t have the time or experience visit this website   http://www.ExclusiveWeddingGuide.com

It is essentially a plethora of information compiled by a person in the wedding industry namely…me!

I’m in the trenches working with these companies throughout the good times and bad and as a result know who rises to the top.

This guide will put money and time back in your posession!  GUARANTEED!! 


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Know what’s scary? You can’t do “redo” your wedding day if your DJ screws up!

Surround yourself with wedding/party vendors who know what they’re doing! 


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Real Wedding DJs Don’t Disclose Price Over The Phone!

When I get a an inquiry on the phone or email, the first thing out of a bride’s mouth is…”How much do you charge?”

That’s understandable. A bride does not know the difference between a DJ, photgrapher or a wedding cake baker, especially when it comes to planning a wedding.

A wedding DJ is different than most wedding vendors because what we sell is talent.   And you can’t show a package of talent to a bride.

If a “wedding DJ” (and I use the term loosely) advertises prices on their website or freely gives out prices over the phone, that can only mean one thing….

They are “cookie cutting” their weddings. which means, they aren’t customizing each wedding. Each wedding will be the same as the one before, which means your wedding will be just like last weeks and the week before. I suppose if you don’t care much about personalized service then the standard run-of-the-mill wedding reception is perfect for you.

Most brides I meet don’t subscribe to that thinking.

Most brides take pride in their wedding day and DO want a personalized, custom wedding that represents their personality.

What makes a great wedding DJ?  The services they provide and the time they take to meet with you.


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